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Still Searching for Madeleine McCann

Written By: Abby Mason - May• 05•09

Kate and Gerry McCann appeared on Oprah this week to remind the world that they are still seaching for their daughter, Madeleine McCann, who disappeared two years ago from a resort in Praia da Luze, Portugal. They showed an age-progressed sketch of Madeleine, whose sixth birthday is this month. “We’re looking for a six-year-old-girl,” Gerry stressed.

The picture we all have in our minds is of the four-year old face that became so familiar in the months following Madeleine’s disappearance. Of the age-progressed sketch, Kate said, “I don’t know that little girl.” She went on to say that the little girl she knows is the one in the earlier pictures. It’s heart-breaking to think of these two parents still searching desperately for their child. Gerry brought up the case of Elizabeth Smart, who was found a year after her abduction on a street in Utah.For more information on Madeleine’s case, go to

Read excerpts from the interview here.

Madeleine McCann, age-progressedMadeleine McCann, at the time of her disappearance

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