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Written By: Abby Mason - May• 13•09

Today, CNN has a story about Etan Patz, who disappeared while walking to the bus stop in the neighborhood now known as Soho in 1979. Etan, who was six years old at the time of his disappearance, has never been found.

According to CNN, “The boy’s disappearance was one of the key events that inspired the missing children’s movement, which raised awareness of child abductions and led to new ways to search for missing children. Etan’s case was the first of the milk carton campaigns of the mid-1980s.”

While conducting research for The Year of Fog , I spent a lot of time on the website of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I was struck by how many of these cases remain unsolved: children who went missing decades ago, whose families have yet to find answers.

The Center is featuring a campaign called Take 25, urging parents to take 25 minutes to teach their children about safety. The campaign includes this list of 25 Ways to Make Kids Safer.

At Project Jason, you can download a free personal ID kit, which contains a list of the first steps to take in the event your loved one is missing, plus valuable information that law enforcement will need.

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