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Child abducted from SoCal Home

Police have yet to establish a motive in the kidnapping of Briant Rodriguez, the three-year-old boy abducted from his family home in San Bernadino, CA, on Monday. Two armed gunmen entered the home and tied up the mother and five children, including Briant. They then left with Briant. An Amber Alert was not issued until […]

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American Missing on Small Volcanic Island

From The Happy Booker: Craig Arnold, whom some of you know, has gone missing on a small volcanic island in Japan while on a creative exchange fellowship. Craig, an experienced explorer of volcanoes, never returned to his inn after leaving alone to research the island’s active volcano for the afternoon. The authorities are on the […]

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Teen Missing in Redwood City

Seventeen-year-old Luis Antonia Ortiz called 911 on the night of Tuesday, April 14, to report that two armed men had broken into his home. He was babysitting his younger brothers at the time. According to the San Jose Mercury News, “investigators found blood in the home’s yard, and on some of Ortiz’s property, but haven’t […]

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Found in the Wilderness

As I write this post, Melissa Huckaby, a 28-year-old mother and Sunday School teacher from Tracy, California, has just been charged in the kidnapping, rape, and murder of eight-year-old Sandra Cantu, a playmate of Huckaby’s five-year-old daughter. A child’s murder is unthinkably tragic under any circumstances, but this case horrifies in a very unusual way. […]

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